Faith Walking

Many of you know that we have been working on an addition for our house. We had a great time a couple weeks before Christmas, where we had friends come over and "deck the walls" with scripture verses and inspirational sayings about faith and family.

As the addition expands the size of our eating space for 4 kids and a three legged dog, adds a tiny bedroom for our little guy, and creates an "open floor concept" for the main living area, we knew our "normal" life would be in disarray. The primary disruption of this project is that the entire rear end of our home would be removed and exposed to the elements right in the heart of our Buffalo winter.

In November, after reviewing multiple bids for the project, we settled on a contractor with a good plan and a good price. Long story short, this contractor ended up having to out, when he had a key person quit his crew. With cold weather fast approaching, we were without anyone, and no idea what to do. 

Building on to our home rather than moving elsewhere was a choice to stay close to our physical church location, a choice to keep our kids settled in their current school district, a choice to stay and build on growing Gospel conversations with our immediate neighborhood, and a financial choice to deepen roots for being here for a long time. What was God doing? We went to our family Thanksgiving clearly unsure of what to do next.

We met Joe for the first time on Black Friday, and he told us he could take the job, only if we were willing to have him start the following day. With the project being so time sensitive, he didn't have time to work up a bid on the job, and we wouldn't have time to check his references. However, he was convinced he could get the work done if we could trust him to do it. Now, I am a person who checks and double checks everything. Certainly, with a significant amount of money on the line, I am not one to move forward without having all our ducks in a row. Good reason would say that this wasn't a great scenario, and even though I feel foolish admitting it now, I believe in this case, I had no choice but to walk in faith. 

Joe shook hands with Erin and I, started the next day as promised, and has been a absolute pleasure to work with. He has far exceeded our expectations, and has even brought us significant amount of savings. That said, now that the drywall is up, the time has come for our beloved contractor to move on. He has built us the framework we need and gotten us past all the inspections and complicated oversight from the town. Now, the rest of the project will be on our shoulders. Will we be over our heads? Perhaps. Still, we have no choice but to walk in faith.

Here's the thing. Faith walking doesn't have to be a car purchase, a home remodel, or a career path decision. Frankly, it's actually all about the mundane choices we make one after another, day after day. One day at a time. One step at a time. 

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7. 

What faith steps do you need to take today?

Pastor Milo


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