Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth...

Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth...

In a remote corner of California, news headlines this week tell us the U.S. Forest Service is set to round up a thousand wild horses arguing it's necessary to reduce overpopulation in Modoc National Forest. If you are interested, these wild horses are available for adoption for only $1. Though transportation of these beautiful animals is on your shoulders, every middle school boy and girl who ever wanted a horse is begging their parents to take advantage of this "rare investment opportunity!"

I was reminded of the old saying: "Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth..." Now, I am aware that this may not be a saying you grew up with, but what it comes down to is being grateful for what you have been given. Horse people will often look into a horse's mouth to be certain that the animal is healthy and doesn't have any problems that would keep them from easily take a bit and bridle. Surprisingly, one of the most valuable contacts a horse owner has, is that of a good horse dentist. Didn't know that, did you?

Imagine that a benevolent family friend heard about this $1 Horse Deal, and delivered a beautiful wild white stallion to your middle schooler, along with five years of stable fees covered at a nearby horse farm in their name. Imagine your middle schooler responding by throwing a fit and slamming their door, because what they really wanted was a black horse, not a white one! How frustrating would this be to you as a parent!

This week, I had a vehicle in the shop for some pretty extensive work. It was at the mechanic for a full week before I got it back home. The following morning, when I went out to drive my newly repaired vehicle, I found one o the tires to be completely flat and resting on the rim. After some grumbling and complaining about how hard my life is, I changed out the flat tire for the spare and took it to the tire place to get it repaired. After waiting a couple of hours while working on my laptop in a crowded waiting room, I was given the good news that my tires was completely fine. They had checked and double checked it, but there was no puncture, no leaky seal, or faulty stem. This tire was fine. I was free to go, no charge for the trouble. 

I had been given a gift. After a hefty bill from my mechanic earlier the day before, this time I had no charge due, and all was well! Or was it? I left annoyed with a poor attitude that there was nothing wrong with my tire. My precious time had been wasted, so I thought, and this was all a bit too ridiculous. What do you suppose my Heavenly Father thought about my little temper tantrum? He had arranged for me to be taken care of, and not be under additional financial strain. What had I done with that gift? I had looked the gift horse in the mouth. Seems kinda silly now... Maybe you can learn from this fool today?

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
for his steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 107:1

Pastor Milo


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