Is My Church "Re-Plant Ready?"

When I was began at my first church job, much of our focus was on Church Growth. Since then, we have experienced ministry pushes for Church Health, Church Strengthening, Church Revitalization and Church Planting. In 2018, 40% of new works by our North American Mission Board (NAMB) could be considered Church RePlants.The constant in the above mentioned terms and titles is the word "church." Whether in a rural context, a growing suburb or an urban context, the local church matters to Jesus, and therefore it matter to us!

Across our nation regardless of setting, churches are struggling. Not all of course, but many. According to NAMB a great majority (80 percent or more) are plateaued or in decline. Even worse, 15 percent are in crisis and facing the reality that they may close in a few short years or even months. 

Re-Plant Ready: Some Churches Need To Be Re-Planted 
One random example of this is a church that had 19 toilets, 21 regular attendees, and had been without a guest in years. The church had shrunk so much that nearly everyone had their own toilet! This may make you chuckle, but it communicates the point poignantly. This church needs to shut down and start over. Its time. To be Re-Planted.

Re-Plant Ready: Some Churches Need To Be Re-Plant Partners
Supporting churches who come alongside a struggling or weak church are critically needed. This work is messy and laborious, but it's necessary if we are going to support the local church. For example, by Randall Church offering assistance through prayer, participation and provision over 5 years, Renewal Church exists as an autonomous congregation of faith in the North Tonawanda community.

Maybe it's time again. To Re-Plant.
Maybe you are aware of a WNY church in crisis. Maybe you know they are worried that in the not so distant future their doors could be legitimately be closed for good. It doesn't have to be this way! Pray with us as we look for opportunities to connect with churches who are of like mind (theologically and missiologically) to come together to pray and strategize how the struggling or weaker church can once again move forward with proclaiming the Gospel to it's community effectively. This is something we love to be part of! Such a future brings glory to God by seeing His power redeem and restore a church so more people would know His name! 

Pastor Milo 


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