"There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Mine"

“This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” Every Marine learns the Rifleman’s Creed early on in the boot camp training experience. It is a poem created in 1942 by Marine Brigadier General William H. Rupertus, the then-Commanding General of Marine Corps Base San Diego. The Rifleman’s Creed is designed to help each Marine understand their own specific role in defending the freedom of the United States of America. No matter the number of planes in the sky, guns in the fight, or boots on the ground, battles are won and lost by individuals.

“This is my circle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”  Every believer in Christ, (both the introvert and the extrovert) needs to come to the point where they know their role in the Great Commision. MyCircle is an approach to living as a Christ follower developed by  Jim Murphy from Restoration Church here in Buffalo, NY, which recognizes that God has placed our church(es), and has placed you, in specific situations and circumstances in order to reach the people within a circles of influence (Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Neighbors, Acquaintances) with the gospel of Jesus Christ. No matter the number of Pastors on staff, or churches on a street, communities are won and lost for Christ by individuals. Here at Randall, we use the word “Presence” to communicate this truth.

The Apostle Paul brought his God to the forefront of what he did every day around the people with whom he was present every day: he served them, he shared with them, he did life with them, he prayed for them, and he asked God to open doors to be present with more of them. He was intentional about what he did, and he was relentless about what he did (in a good way!) And he did it all for the glory of God and to the end that people would see and hear about Jesus. All in all, he took responsibility for those in his circle of accountability.

After a great Easter weekend followed by a few restful days away with family, I am more convinced than ever that our church(es) are only going to grow, and our region(s) are only going to be impacted with the Gospel, when each individual believer carries the Light into their own circle(s).  A wave of guests came on Easter Sunday because of personal invites. A round of new members joined last month because of personal invites. Another woman was baptized last fall because of personal invites. One of my own children accepted Christ last week because of a personal invite to do so. Relational evangelism works! “This is my circle. What are you doing to take responsibility for yours?”

- Pastor Milo


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