Why Pastors Need Good Guys. Good Wise Guys.

This week I had a very unique opportunity of picking through the personal library of Reverend Jack Will who went to bewith the Lord this year at 100 years old. The bread of what this man studied is simply awe inspiring! While circling the sun 100 times is a feat in itself, Pastor Will did it more than 60 times as an Associate Pastor at Randall Church. What an incredible legacy to follow! But did he discover some type of secret to longevity in ministry?

Similarly, John Piper served as senior pastor of Bethlehem Baptist church in Minnesota for 35 years. His ministry DesiringGod.org posted an article In February of 2018 called "Pastors Need Friends Too" talking in detail about longevity in ministry, and give some great stats to back it up! "The Lilly Endowment invested $84 million over 10 years to study and support the practices that allow Christian pastors in America to sustain excellence over the years. They funded 63 projects across 25 different denominations and traditions. Each organization made a similar discovery: relationships with peers are the key factor to pastoral longevity. Pastors need real, intimate, vulnerable friendships if they are going to last."

I don't know for certain what Jack Will found difficult to handle, or what John Piper struggled against over his many years of ministry, but I do know that pastors need one another. I know that ministry can be isolating, personalities can be tricky, and well intentioned people can be hurtful. If you are a pastor and you have not yet faced discouragement in ministry, just wait. It will happen. Guy Richard says it this way: Ministry and discouragement go together like the sun and sunburn—the longer you're in the sun, the more likely you are to get burned. I say this not to be flippant or overly pessimistic, but to point out a ministerial reality. Now, ministry isn't always discouraging. But when ministry is tough pastors will function best and serve faithfully for the long haul when they have a "band of brothers" or "company of pastors" by which they receive encouragement and prayer support. 

This is why pastors need good guys. Good wise guys. If God tarries, I pray that He will allow me not only to serve Him with longevity of years, but with integrity of heart as well. For this reason, I long for deep and meaningful relationships with local pastors and Godly leaders from various ministry formats. One of those good guys in my life, a man who has shared a ton of wisdom with me while I was navigating some ministry hurdles, is my friend Michael. Pastor Michael Nieves planted Centerpointe Community Church in Lancaster, NY in the early 2000s, and this Sunday I have asked him to speak at Randall. I'm looking forward to a great time together. I'm looking forward to you all hearing from my friend. I'm looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Pastor Milo


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