Book Review: Life On Mission

I saw my neighbor taking pictures of a kayak in the front yard yesterday. He was positioning it in a way where he could capture the sun setting through the trees, over the bow of the boat. Really, it was a pretty cool shot! This is isn't all that unusual for Aaron. He often buys and sells hiking and biking equipment through online postings of various sorts, and I'm certain this photo will capture someone's attention who wants to buy a kayak and paddle off into the sunset.

Aaron Coe and Dustin Willis authored a great book by the title "Life on Mission" where they share a great insight about what it really looks like to be intentional about relational evangelism. One of the central messages learned from the book is that everyone is a missionary, whether you are a plumber, a school teacher, a doctor, a student, a retired person, or a stay-at-home mom or dad. Isn't missionary work only to be done by professionals, way over there, on the other side of the world? No. Probably not. When I saw my neighbor taking snapshots of the kayak, I was reminded immediately of something that happened a couple years back that changed things between us from that day on.

You see, Aaron and I live directly across the street from one another. In fact, our driveways are so perfectly aligned with one another, that we have even accidentally backed into each other. Aaron knows I am a cycling enthusiast, he sees me ride to work most days of the week, rain or shine. He knows I'm a parent, and he sees me standing at the bus stop with the kids each morning. He knows I'm a pastor, he watches me come and go from church on Sundays. But does he know I love Jesus? Does he see the Fruit of the Spirit of love, joy, peace & self control in me?

There was a knock at the door... With his vehicle loaded and kayaks on the roof, Aaron, frustrated, shared with me that his millennial college students were too busy to spend the afternoon on the water with him as previously planned, and would I like to go with him instead? With four active kids and a demanding church schedule, dropping everything to go was anything but easy. But, when I did the 3-4 hours we spent together that day ended up being a really great time. We talked about a number of things, but hopefully the main thing he heard from me (while unspoken) was that God's love always has room. God's ear is always ready to listen. God's schedule always has time for him. This is one recent example where I feel I lived Life on Mission. What about you? Need some ideas for yourself? Give this book a read!          

Pastor Milo


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