Why Would We Still Do VBS?

One of the biggest staples of a church's summer calendar has to be VBS, otherwise known as Vacation Bible School. Started in the late 1800s, this annual program has become a lynch pin for the typical American church. But is it effective? Is it reaching the intended results? Is it working? These are the questions hundreds of churches ask themselves every summer after the busy week comes to an end, the remaining craft projects are picked up, and the leftover construction paper is put away. Tired volunteers look at one another and ask: Why are we doing this?

I always heard parents joke that VBS actually stood for "Vacation Babysitting Service," but I didn't fully realize the truth of that until I had kids of my own. Because so many churches offer VBS throughout the summer, it's very possible to leverage VBS purely as summer childcare. So if that is all it is about, isn't that a misuse of time and resources? If Randall chooses to keep VBS when many churches have discontinued it, is there a good reason to do so? I'm glad you asked. :-)

What images pop into your head when you hear the words Vacation Bible School? Do you have fond memories, or are you wondering what VBS even is? If you don't know, VBS is a summer church outreach focused on giving kids a fun and creative place to learn about the Bible and to build relationships with churches and other kids in the area. The biblical content built into the curriculum lays foundational truths that help kids understand who Jesus is and why they need a personal Savior. The relationships a church develop with kids and their families can provide many opportunities to not only show the love of Jesus, but to share the truth of the gospel during that week, or at a later time.

Here is the bottom line. We live in a very pluralistic society that doesn't value church, but it does value traditions. There are many parents who have young kids who either don't go to church or infrequently attend church but have great memories of VBS, even if they aren't church-goers today. Many want their kids to have some of those great memories and will put their kids in VBS before ever deciding to go to church on a weekend. That is something worth investing in!

VBS is what you make of it, and we're intending to make the most of it. Join us. The methods you use will create memories. The message you share will change lives.                                      

Pastor Milo


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