Daring To Hope

This is a great time of year. Here in WNY we got our first taste of snow early, but I've always preferred a blanket of white over everything so much more than cold rain, soggy backyards, and muddy paw prints in the house. The snow has a cleansing quality, and to me it feels like a fresh start to a new season. It just feels good.

Now, there is definitely a collective eye roll from all of us when we see the blatant commercialism of peddling things and stuff, as a shadow replacement for what it really looks like to give meaningful gifts to one another come Christmas. For some however, this season is anything but warm and comforting. For many struggling with grief, or dealing with difficult questions about their own damaging childhood, this season is incredibly difficult. 

I just finished a book by Katie David Majors called "Daring to Hope." Katie serves in Uganda at a orphanage and school she has built up from almost nothing. She has seen far more in her twenties in difficulties regarding impossible health needs, irreparable social injustices, and seemingly impossible odds than I may ever experience in my entire life. Yet, she remains hopeful. Not because everything has worked out in the end. Katie has had to needlessly say goodbye forever to many of the people she loved the most. Katie remains hopeful, because even when it hurts the most, even when she is red hot with anger against her Creator, He loves her still. More than she could ever imagine. What an incredible reminder this was for me! Maybe for you too?

If you are struggling to find joy this season, know that you are not alone. Our human experience has always come up short. Mankind will always be a dissatisfying and incomplete people. You need a Savior. You need Jesus. We all do! Our hope is found in nothing less, than Jesus' blood and righteousness!

If you need someone to talk to, if you need a safe place to find hope, we'd love to be there for you. Just let us know. 

Pastor Milo 


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