Why Are We Sharing “The Story”

A couple weeks ago, we shot the opening video for The Story presentation. I wanted to share a snippet of the script with you today as a matter of invitations to join us!

 ...You might be asking, “why would we spend so much time?” why are we doing all of this? Why would we be praying for you? Why? Because you matter. We believe that the Christmas story wasn’t something given only to generations long ago to learn from. We believe the gift of Christmas needs to be shared with people like you, from churches like ours. You matter that much to God! He made you. He knows you. He has given this wonderful Christmas present for you, because he loves you! You matter. 

As a father of five, I’m reminded daily that the next generation is growing up! More than anything, our youth need to know that they have a place where they belong. The truth of the matter is, every man, woman, and child is wired in exactly the same way. We all need to be reminded that you matter, and that you belong. That is why you will see that we have involvement from multiple generations from the registration, to the music, to our live actors, all finding their place to belong. We believe God intended the church to be the hands / feet of Christ. Our arms are to be wide open! Why? You matter. You belong. 

It is so encouraging for us to see all of you here. We know you could’ve spent your time somewhere else, doing 1000 other things, but you are here. We don’t take that lightly. So the final thing we want you hear from us is this. You can make a difference. Let me explain. We believe we have the greatest story of all time to share! I’ll take it even further to say this; we believe we have the greatest story of all time to share, and we believe that if we share it with you, you can make a difference. You matter. You belong. You can make a difference. 

You may be a person of influence, or you may be a person who doesn’t seem have a platform, or even worse, you may be a person who has lost all credibility because of some of the choices you have made. But when I read the Bible, I read story after story of regular, everyday people that God used to make a difference. Regular, everyday people... How might God use you this Christmas? Why don’t you start by inviting someone to hear the Gospel this unique way? Space is limited, register at www.thestory.randallchurch.org.

Pastor Milo


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