Here’s Your Chance: To Show and Tell!

I read an excellent article this morning by Ed Stetzer called: The Most Receptive Spiritual Week Of Our Lifetime, and it came as a great encouragement to me. You see, for a pastor, the coming Easter weekend feels kinda like our Super Bowl Championship Game. What are we supposed to do, if we can't "get out on the field?"

Over the previous month or so, we have been encouraged by how our fairly traditional church, and how many other churches like ours, have rallied together to provide opportunities for meaningful connections in very non-traditional ways. I feel good about our expanded use of technology during this pandemic, and the ways it has opened our eyes to these additional forms of Gospel-centric spiritual conversations. 

A LifeWay Research study referenced in Ed Stetzer's article discovered these top four circumstances (drawn from a larger list) are when people are most open to spiritual conversations.  
    - After a natural disaster – 34 percent 
    - After a major national crisis – 38 percent 
    - During Easter season – 38 percent 
    - During Christmas season – 47 percent

As you can see, at this moment we are experiencing three of the top four reasons THIS VERY WEEK. And, this probably will be the most spiritually open time you will see in your lifetime.

Would you take this unique week and unique opportunity to be the voice of hope to those around you? Would you pray over your neighborhood as you walk the block for some fresh air? Would you seek to share Christ specifically to someone far from Jesus, either through technology, or an appropriately socially distanced face-to-face? Of course, we'd love for you to invite them to our online church experience Sunday, but be sure that you also SHOW and TELL the GOOD NEWS on more than Sunday. 

At the moment, people are very receptive. Will you share?

- Pastor Milo


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