Worship Schedule Changes: Let’s Get Together!

Worship Schedule Changes Coming - PreRegistration Required

- 9:00am Partial Randall Kids Programming Available
- 9:00am Worship Gathering (w/out Facebook Live Stream)
- 11:00am Partial Randall Kids Programming Available
- 11:00am Worship Gathering and Facebook Live Stream

- 9:30am Full Randall Kids Programming Available 
- 9:30am Worship Gathering (w/out Facebook Live Stream)
- 10:30am Adult Fellowship Mixer
- 11:00am No Randall Kids Programming
- 11:00am Worship Gathering and Facebook Live Stream

Let's Get Together!
Haley Mills popularized a catchy song by this name written for the 1961 Disney film: The Parent Trap. The movie has since been redone but as far as I'm concerned, I still prefer the original version. It's a movie that played often in my home as a child, and brings back a wave of fond memories every time I hear the tight "harmonies" on the chorus of the song. 

The voices sound so good together, because Haylee Mills sings both vocal parts in the recording. The premise of the movie is a story about long-lost teenage twins on a quest to reunite their parents, and through the use of trick photography and use of a body double, Mills plays both girls. Not only are the two sisters identical twins; there are in effect: one.

This spring, after going remote for the apex of concern for COVID-19 in New York State, Randall Church made the decision to move to two identical in-person worship gatherings in order to maintain social distancing standards, but still prioritize the assembling together of God's people. 

This fall, our church is beginning to feel a little bit like the identical twins from this classic film. We know we are better when we are together; we long to see our family fully reunited, and we desire to do all we can to make that possible, as soon as possible. Therefore, we believe its time to do something about it. It's time to take action.

The worship schedule changes listed above are expected to be in effect for most of the winter months, based on projections for a return to standard scheduling spring 2021. Rest assured, we will still enforce social distancing guidelines and maintain the safety of our elevated sanitation protocols. God's church will continue to be a safe refuge in the winds of a prevailing storm. His Word promises His protection.

Thanks so much for all of our volunteers who continue to serve week after week to make these gatherings and children's programming possible. It is such a blessing to be reminded that so many hands are invested in the ministry work of Randall Church. 

So lets get together... yeah, yeah, yeah!

- Pastor Milo


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