Why You Should Make The time To Send Out Christmas Cards This Year...

 2020 has been a year of “new normals” for everyone and everything. However, I’d like to challenge you to take a break from all of that. Maybe do something “old normal” that your family hasn’t done for quite a while? Wonder what that “old normal” thing is? No, its not pond hockey, cross-stitching, or even rooting for the Buffalo Bills in the month of December... It’s this: Make the time to send out Christmas cards this year. 

 Like being in an emotional fog, we have all felt disconnected from each other in in this year of the Covid, as these many days begin to simply blur together. Truth is, we are all facing increasing difficulties when it comes to gathering extended family together in the coming months. Don’t you agree that we could all use a friendly word from someone we haven’t seen in a while? Someone from your church family, a bible study group, or a prayer partner? 

 As December 25th rapidly approaches, we all need to be intentional about doing something personal to reconnect. Doing something tangible. Send out a Christmas card. Just do it! I came across a great article this week by Jillian McClenahan. It prompted me to be thinking along these lines, and I thought I’d share three highlights with you here: 

 -  Cards provide a tangible touch. A Christmas Card is a tangible way to show your friends and family that you care. A card takes time and effort; it shows you took a few moments to think of the recipient and share a few kind words. It’s a small gesture to say “I love you.” 


-  Cards are a piece of mail that is sure to bring a smile. Any adult knows that when there’s something other than bills in the mail it’s an exciting day. Let your card be that happy piece of mail. A handwritten address rather than a printed name on a bill-sized envelope will bring a smile to the recipient’s face before they’ve even torn it open. 


-  Cards are a chance to point others towards Christ. The best part about Christmas cards is that you get to decide exactly what they say. While the saying may be cheesy, Jesus truly is the reason for the season. You can use your cards to share a bit of the Nativity story or tell others how God has worked in your life in the past year. 

 I hope you’d consider reaching out to others this Christmas in this unique and specific way. We have many in our circles who will not have a lot of contact with others in the next 6 weeks, and your card could make all the difference. I can’t tell you that the Apostle Paul was talking about Christmas cards when he said: 

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up... 1 Thessalonians 5:11... 

I cant tell you he was proposing Christmas cards, but something tells me he would always be proponent of personalized letter writing. Don’t you think so too? Now get to work!

Let Me Be The First To Say MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

 - Pastor Milo



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