Shepherd God’s Flock: Our Job as Pastors

We are not alone. But we are lonely. As this pandemic has gone on, I have found myself making many more phone calls, and scheduling many more zoom meetings with other Pastors than I would typically have had in a month's time. It's been a lonely season if I'm being honest. And it's been really good to be able to talk it out with other vocational ministers. The encouragement shared mutually, has been a lifeline in stormy seas.  

Pastors have been pulled in every direction it feels like. We've had to make tough decisions; knowing that we have far too little information to make them with. We've been doing our best to care for our people well, knowing that we have had far too little contact with them to do it with. No matter what, it feels like we will come up short. 

Pray for your Pastor(s) would you? If you are part of our congregation here at Randall Church... please pray for us. Pray for our leadership team and our elder board that we would be illuminated by daily time in God's Word to step bravely forward with a Scriptural lamp for our feet and a light for our path. If you are a part of another worship expression of the body of Christ; pray for your Pastor too!

We are lonely. But we are not alone. Pray that there will be a growing number of Pastors and Christian organizational leaders that find ways to unite and support one another. I do believe, just like many first responders in a crisis will experience a crushing wave of fatigue after running on adrenaline for an extended time; that Pastors and Chaplains should expect the same wave to crash into us as well.

Pray for your Pastor(s) would you? This role in ministry is given to those who have been called to shepherd the flock. Pray that today, this feeble shepherd would be cared for by the Great Shepherd; Jesus Christ. Surely I'm with you always. Even to the very end of the age.

We are lonely. But we are not alone.
May we finish strong!

- Pastor Milo




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