A Special Assignment

Hello, My name is Aaron Richbart, and I am one of the Elders here at Randall Church... although I'll admit you probably haven't seen me in a while. I suppose you could say I've been placed on "special assignment." About a year ago, I became part of the team tasked by Pastor Milo and the Elder Board at Randall to pursue a church re-plant effort in Clarence Hollow, just a few miles down the road from where Rebecca and I live. 
This coming Sunday, if you are at Randall, you will have the privilege to hear again from Jonathan Boudmer, the Planting Pastor of what has become "Fieldstone Church." You will hear how things are beginning to pick up speed for us in Clarence Hollow, and how God has continued to open doors for us here, with one answered prayer after another, after another, after another!

I now spend many of my "special assignment" hours side by side with Pastor Jonathan on an on-going basis. As I interact, I am very encouraged by the ways I have already seen he and his wife, Laura pour themselves into this community. They purchased their first home this fall, and moved their kids into a different elementary school in order to be closer to the target location. They go fishing with friends at the town park, and build relationships at the farmers market. 

I encourage you to listen intently to Pastor Jonathan, particularly if you live in the Clarence zip code, or if you the type of person who is willing to be spiritually challenged in new ways. Listen close, because we still need some of you to take the leap of faith and come on "special assignment" with us... even if its for a short while. I say this with the full endorsement of Pastor Milo and the Randall elders, because we believe that God called our church to facilitate something new in Clarence. Now we get to see it all come together!

Come and join us. Fieldstone Church wants to help the people of Clarence navigate life with God. We have preview services coming up in the Brickhall. It's a perfect opportunity to check things out. Look for me. I'll be the really excited guy that wants to greet you when you come in!

Aaron Richbart 
"Special Assignment Elder"
Randall Church 


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