Family Pastor Search Update

We wanted to give you a quick update on where things stand with our Family Pastor Search.  As we mentioned a few weeks back, we are steadily working towards finding a Family Pastor who leads himself well, leads his family well, leads others well, and leads with others well, in regards to shepherding our children and youth here at Randall Church. We have had our job posting available not only on our own church website, but through the Southern Baptist Convention's job search website, as well as active postings at various seminaries. 

There has been a steady flow of names coming in, but fortunately not at a pace would be overwhelming to our search team consisting of Ken Samland, Veronica Smith, Tim Graffam, and Tim Stewart. This, among many other things, has been a huge answer to prayer. While the processing only 10-15 resumes may not seem like a lot, most of the applicants have been well worth our time and consideration.  As is the tagline of one of those job-search agencies on the radio says, "We are not looking for more hay… but looking for a needle in the haystack."

After taking a first look over the resumes, there were 5 candidates that deemed to merit a closer look… and thats exactly what our team has been doing. Each of these 5 candidates was asked to go through three rounds of questioning regarding their convictions, their character, and their competency. This week we were able to notify all those who applied, that while we will hold on to each of their resumes, all but a small number of 2-3 finalists would not be invited back to the next round of interviews. 

Now, it is the expectation of the pastors and elders to fly into high gear, doing a deep dive on this final group, pouring back over their resumes, taking another look at their answers to previous questions, assessing their fit and chemistry with our leadership and congregation to ultimately arrive on the one whom will lead the next generation of young people in this church, both my own children and yours, to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. 

What can you do for us?  Join us as we pray for discernment in this process. We are confident that God is at work, and we want His will to be front and center as we move forward as a congregation.  Please pray for the right candidate to emerge in this process and for our team to discern what God intends for Randall Church.  We are working now as a team on how to best conduct our individual part of the final interview process, including how to get the fullest picture of any candidate's vision for seeing the next generation on fire for Christ!

We can make our plans, but may the Lord order our steps!

- Pastor Milo


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