Fifth Sunday is Family Sunday!

Fifth Sunday is Family Sunday
Every once in a while we do something where people ask "Why did that happen?"
Particularly if you are just getting to know us, we want to break down any barriers as quickly as we can for helping guests find their place here at Randall Church.

About 4-5 times a year, there are 5 Sundays in a month. Because it doesn't happen all that often, I have to admit that it can sneak up on us and we can sometimes forget to talk about it. But what we like to say is that at Randall Church, Fifth Sunday is Family Sunday and here is why:

Practically speaking there is a certain ease of planning that comes with building our curriculum around a 48 week calendar. Our volunteers know which Sundays they will be serving, and our pastoral leadership knows when we will be highlighting children's and youth ministries in the main worship gathering. 

Knowing that detail means that we do our best to take it up a notch on the Family Sundays. We plan music that our young people can lead, and sermons that our young people can interact more easily with. We ask our children to help with greeting people on the way in, our youth to run the media equipment, and some combination of young people to lead us in worship in their own way, using their own God given skills and talents.

If I'm honest, its not always a "comfortable" Sunday for the adults as things tend to be a bit raw and unpolished; but its always a great Sunday for the Kingdom. This is the next generation of our church learning how to pray; learning how to connect; learning how to lead. And, as a church we prioritize discipleship, and mobilize leadership as two of our values.  This Family Sunday is a tangible example of just that.  

Come worship with us this Sunday. These kids are so precious… to us and to God. 
Jesus loves the little children of the world!

-Pastor Milo




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