working with college students

It has been our pleasure to host a home group every Sunday night for college students. (6:00 if you never been, we have pizza!) Yet, for some of you who have worked with collegers you will agree that they are a very different breed. My experience with high school students, particularly middle schoolers, says "hey some of these kids are just weird" No big deal, just figure out how to build something in common with each of them, and move on. College students however, are a much different breed. First of all, they all drive, and don't really have to be anywhere, anytime soon. This means if you have a college student on your praise team, they may call you, no text you, from Disney world in Florida Saturday night at midnight to tell you they won't be able to make it in the morning. Second of all, they are not very loyal. During this time in their lives, it is their "responsibility" to check out new things, and meet new people - read: other churches. I don't really have a problem with that, unless they have made a commitment to us to be at an event, a service, or a home group meeting. How do you work with em? Do you we write them off as useless until they get married and have kids? Do we try to be one of them and learn to use text messages, facebook, and myspace? Sure, why not? I am learning that the more my wife and I try to spend time with them, and be available for them, the more likely they are to be loyal and committed to what we are asking of them. Just the same, college students can be frustrating...


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