The VA Tech Campus

Yesterday was the greatest single massacre in our public school systems in our nations history. I find myself pinned to CNN wondering and confused like the rest of our country. What are they supposed to do now? What would we do in Greenville if something like that happened? The answer is: I don't know... As Christians, I think we are very offensive if all we tell people is that God has a greater plan. Don't read me wrong, I absolutely believe that he does. However, why is it that Christians can't seem to grieve along with everyone else. We tend to be apathetic about people's hurts, and snatch this "opportunity" to preach at them. Grieve with them, then tell them what God can do to give them the peace that passes all understanding. Because isn't that the point? It passes all understanding - don't try to simplify, or over-explain God, because He just doesn't make sense. That's what is so cool about Him! Read what Casey Ross has to say about the shootings and his innocent child... he is so right.


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