What is the biggest need in our community?

This is a question we as a staff are continually bouncing back and forth. It is a question that I believe new church plants are more aware of than more established churches. We are closer and closer to nearing 4 years old every day, and we are in constant struggle with the balance of serving our own people, and meeting the needs of the un-churched in our community. I believe this is a focus we can never lose sight of. If we can meet people's needs, we can foster a relationship with them. If we don't meet needs, we will never even come into to contact with them.

What kind of needs are we talking about? Every community these days has a much larger percentage of single mom's than ever before. We need to have things in place to minister to them. More and more families have decided to have mom and dad both work, creating a large need for day-care facilities. Also, David Morrow has written a book Why Men Hate Going to Church (which I admit I have never read) but the principle is this: our churches have very little that men are interested in being a part of. This is a need we need to fix.

These are our struggles, our concerns and our desires to meet the needs in our community. What are the needs in your community?


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