Its up to you NY, NY!

6:30am Here we go! We are headed out this evening to the big apple for a week long mission trip. We will be driving through the night tonight, and arriving in NYC at 8:00 tomorrow in time for church at Crossroads church on Staten Island. Our mission trip consists of painting and restoring public school buildings through a ministry called Paint the Town. We are super exited about the trip, and know that God has big things planned for us. We will be very busy and frantic over the next few hours trying to get everything situated for the team. Please be in prayer for us this week. We will be returning driving through the night Thursday and arriving Friday morning. Pray for our setup teams at Ridgeview, because we have taken away a lot of their help this week. I am not able to take my computer with me, but I know that Tommy intends to blog the trip as we go through it. I may drop in a few words now and then. Here we go!


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