Lights, Camera … Worship?

Ambience a word I never paid much attention to until I started noticing “it” while Christmas shopping last December. I suddenly became keenly aware of how each department store had decided to market their own Christmas flavor. Some chose to portray a feeling where the family unit is huddled around the fireplace with stockings in a row. Others made you feel like you were entering the town square for the community tree lighting, complete with street lanterns, banners and store fronts.

The location of these stores within the mall remained exactly the same, yet they were able to transport shoppers into a different world upon entering their doors. I read a blog recently called simplemindedpreacher (who I stole the title from as well) that talked about the ambience in a restaurant.

Ambience has to do with the “mood” that you are trying to create to facilitate a particular type of environment. The lighting and decor can really affect how people feel about a place when they come in. For instance, you wouldn’t expect to go to a fine dining restaurant and have really bright lights and loud music. The ambiance wouldn’t fit the menu. You’d expect it to have low lighting, soft music, a somewhat elegant feel, if that’s what they’re trying to convey.

We need to be aware of the ambience of our church each Sunday as we come to worship. Some of this effect is created by our use of lighting, the music playing, or the banners on the wall. However, the most convincing element of any store or restaurant is the first person you see when you come in. If this person is warm and inviting, the room feels the same way. Similarly, when the hostess or store greeter is nonchalant or apathetic that you came their place of business, their store seems cold and uninviting as well.

Here is another thought posted in the blog:
Since God made us to be perceptive via our senses why wouldn’t we take that into consideration while approaching the topic of worship? This is something I have heard Mark Driscoll bring up and I thought it was a great point. Media can help convey to the eyes what the heart is behind the song. Lighting can express if this an exciting moment of worship or a intimate, contemplative song. Some peripherals could be the decor… are there candles, banners, or other things you may want to include to create a certain “mood” or ambiance for your time of worship?

I love to sit down with my wife for a nice romantic dinner under “bright fluorescents”.
That puts us both in the mood for……………………. a WAR!!!!

While you may notice some physical changes in the future for the aesthetic look at Ridgeview to be warmer and more inviting, please understand that this has very little impact if Ridgeview’ers are not warm and inviting as well. Be intentional. Help Ridgeview set the ambience for worship this coming Sunday.


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