Copiers - Are You Commited?

I loved the movie Office Space. I know that everyone's favorite scene from that movie was the one where they go out into the field and destroy the copier with a baseball bat. For any of you doing the 9-5 grind, I know this is something you would love to do. Similarly, our church just got in a brand new copier. Fortunately we have not really had any problems with the old one over the last few months; but we decided to upgrade for the color printing capabilities. So we had to put her out to pasture...

This new copier is so shiny, sleek an good feeling... I feel like I we could be happy copying, printing, faxing, scanning, and stapling (oh yes she does that too) together for the rest of our lives. But how will I feel about Aficio MP C3500 a few months from now? Will I still have these same feelings?


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