What a Game!

This was an incredible game! One of the guys from our church called a friend of mine this morning and said: “Wasn’t that an awesome game?” My friend says “Yeah what an upset by the Giants huh?” and this guy says, “Yeah that was cool, but how about having the flag football game after church?”

We have hosted for two years now a Super bowl tailgate party and flag football game after the morning worship service. It is a great time to spend together with people. We decided to do this, because if you look around the Clemson campus on Saturdays in the fall, and to the Carolina Panthers stadium Sundays, you will see hundreds of people functioning in a community environment that is rarely matched in our churches on Sundays. Why not do it at church? There are no organized teams, waivers or practice schedules. This is a pick up game that gets guys to break out their old cleats for about an hour and 1/2, and get dirty.

We had a lot of guests and a lot of laughs. I am so proud to be part of Ridgeview Church. Does what happened at your church this Sunday overtake what happened on the field last night? I am so exited to say that in this case yes it did.


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