I May Have Ruined Our Easter Baptism

This week was particularly special to me regarding baptism, because it was the first time I have ever had the honor of doing a baptism myself. One of our students, Nate, wanted to be baptized and requested that I do it. What a privilege, but what pressure! Some of you pastors who do this on a regular basis have to be able to remember the first person you baptized. You may not admit this, but I spent the night before reciting how I intend to say things, and even “dunked” my two year old in the bathtub to see if I had it all worked out. Even after all of that, I was terribly nervous on Sunday. What if I dropped my mic into the water? What if I mess all the words up and say something ridiculous, even inappropriate? What if I slip on some water behind the tub and fall in on top of Nate? What about all the guests we have on Easter? If I screw it up will they ever come back? Will I ruin Easter for everyone?

Fortunately all went well. I did make two mistakes however. First of all, I didn’t get Nate’s head entirely under the water. It was all wet except for a little dry circle right above his forehead. I didn’t have the guts dunk him again after I saw it. Secondly, I had every intention to tell the church how I have seen Nate choose to not follow the crowd, and make his own decisions even as a middle schooler. Instead I said “Nate doesn’t swim with the rest of the fish if you know what I mean.” I’m not even sure if I “know what I mean” - do you?

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  1. Hey Milo! It was great seeing you at UNLEASH and also great meeting your wife. She is very nice. Let's get together soon. Iwould love to talk sometime and hang out. Travis