So the Tournament is Here!

I hope you have your brackets put together. I spent a few minutes yesterday looking at all the different options for setting up the perfect bracket. Here are a few ideas that seemed most interesting to me.

1. Follow your first gut feeling and fill the whole thing out (This is apparently the most successful option)
2. Advance all 1 seeds three rounds, 2 seeds 2 rounds, 3 and 4 seeds 1 round, then pick your own choice the rest of the way.
3. Never advance four 1 seeds into the final four. (This has never happened)
4. Don't try to pick every upset. (If it were that easy, than the underdog wouldn't be a suprise!)
5. Root for the Cinderella story regardless of what your bracket says on it.
6. Root for your home team, but don't bracket them to win it all every year.
7. Pick all of your bracket based solely on seed. (this is boring, but still pretty efficient)
8. Only make one bracket. (Once you get 5 different brackets going, odds are you will get something right, but what a cheap way to do it!)
9. Pick every underdog in the tourney. (Its doubtful you could win much of anything, but if you're gonna roll the dice be a man about it!)
10. Do get mad when you lose to a girl, or a 6 year old. (They pick solely based on uniform colors, and cool team mascots - but they are really good at it)

Got any to add?


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