Using Google "cached" to your advantage

A number of worship leaders use praise and worship archive to obtain and share chords and lyrics for worship songs. Due to copyright restrictions, the site is removing all the lyrics, but leaving the chord changes there. Although it can be figured out, this is not very helpful to you. A friend of mine showed me a trick that I have found very helpful.

If you use Google as your search engine, (which everyone does) you will have the option to select "cached" as a link to the same site you are looking for. Click on it.

When you select this, Google reverts back to an older version of the same webpage, that in most cases does have the lyrics posted. From there, you can copy and paste what you need into a program like planning center which will then be able to change the song into an appropriate key for your voice.

This has been a great help for me, I hope you find this as helpful as I did


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