What is Wrong with the Church in America?

Our Pastor Tommy preached a sermon Sunday entitled "What's Missing in Church." It was a great sermon, about getting involved in the work of the church. However, the video I have attached below will argue that something else is missing in America's church. I came across it today through a series of wormholes and weblinks at a blog called real live preacher . Here is what he had to say about the video:

Look, I try not to be critical of people preaching or doing Bible studies. It's not good for me, spiritually. But honestly, sometimes there is something so gosh-awful and funny that I can't help myself. And this guy is smug enough that I'm not worried about hurting his feelings.
For you professionals out there, check out this guy's brilliant exegetical work. An entire sermon on this phrase: "I will destroy him that pisseth against the wall."

This comment was sent to me in an email:

This simply must be heard to be believed. Brace your self. Whatever you expect, it will not be this. Perhaps the worst sermon in the history of the Church. But definitely in the top 5 funniest.

See if you don't look at your Pastor this Sunday after watching this video and say "I wonder if he..."

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  1. you told me i might want to respond to this post. i don't know how personal you want me to be though... all i can say is you must not be a MAN! I love you, babe!