Unleash Conference

I had a fantastic time at the Unleash Conference at Newspring Church. I intend to leave a few posts about the conference over the next few days, but I have to let you know, my mind does funny things at conferences. Here is just a little example from yesterday.

I went to a breakout session for student pastors, where we were talking about getting involved in the local school districts, and setting up a great small group structure for students. Then there was a question ans answer time after that. Do you know what question I had to force myself to keep from asking? "What do you use to hang the skirt around the front of the stage, snaps or velcro strips?"

I was completely engaged with the conversation, but for some reason my mind can get so bogged down in the details, I forget about dealing with the big issues, situations, and above all vision... Are all of you going to let me take this alone?

Look for more on Unleash over the next few days.


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