30 Hour Famine - Memorable Statements

You know what, I don't think I have ever really been hungry - Lake Stovall
No you can't have a mosh pit - Alexis Jefferson
Look at all the digits I have in this apron - Josh Stovall
She was so excited, just to get name brand Root Beer - Maddie King
We have so much more than most other people in this world - Logan Yarlett
I just wanted to pick up the food at the soup kitchen and rub my face in it - Andrew Turner
I am fourteen - Stephen Turner
She kept thanking me over and over and giving me hugs for the smallest things - Hillary Morris
She snored so loud I had to crawl out of our cardboard box to get away from it - Lauren Turner
I just got stung by a bee - David Jefferson
We have a cool game, do you have a trashcan? - Chris and Leeland
This is dumb, I want a plate - Blake Morris
These are some of the greatest students I have ever been around - Gary Hogaboom
An Army of Angels in yellow T-shirts - Judy Beck


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