Web Design

Like most Pastor's in full time ministry I find myself wearing a number of different hats at times. One of the areas I have been filling for nearly 2 years now is that of web design.

For those of you who have not meddled in this mess for a few hours, let me tell you it is a pain. Characters don't move where they are supposed to, phantom spaces and tabs appear where they were never intended to be, and regardless of how you set things up, someone will always say "I went to the site, but I couldn't get it to open." It is in this moment you understand why some mammals choose to eat their own species.

However, when you learn to write a line of code for the first time, embed a video link, or receive positive feedback on the site for the first time you feel as though you have conquered all there is to conquer. When technology is on your side, all is happy - when it opposes you, nothing can make you happy.

Any other multiple hat wearers out there picking up what I'm putting down?


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