MTB - Had a great ride!

Corey called me up and asked me to ride today at the drop of a hat. Fortunately I was able to do so today. It was a blast!

We rode Paris Mountain...

We parked at the culdesac at the top of the mountain so that we could get back to the truck easier if need be. We climbed Firetower trail pretty quickly, I stayed in 2-6 through 2-8 on the whole climb. Its a deceiving climb, but we had both done it a hundred times it seems, so no big deal. We reached the top of the newest trail at Paris, Kanuga. What a ride! We went left at the top, and just flat out hammered down to the lake. I got into the big ring up front coming over the top and just let it rip. for a sweet 5 minutes of descent. We took a left at the bottom when we hit the North Lake loop. We completed the loop all the way back to the base of Kanuga where we had come down. Corey wanted to climb this new trail and see how it felt on the way up. I hated every minute of it. What was incredible on the way down was miserable on the way back. I ended up shredding my chain at one point when I stood up in the pedals for a moment - which slowed our overall time considerably. Fortunately, I have had this happen before and I had the chain tool with me to fix it. We climbed back to the top of Kanuga, but instead of heading home on Firetower we took the downhill run of Kanuga over to Brissy Ridge. Again, it was an awesome downhill section. Corey asked me if it reminded me of slalom skiing up north as a kid, and I most definitely had to agree. This particular trail has some tricky off camber turns that really could be nasty mistake if you aren't on your game. Then the familiar climb out on Brissy Ridge back to the Xterra. We cam in at 68 minutes even with the broken chain. It was a great ride. I love riding with guys like Corey. His legs are waaay stronger than mine, and it is all I can do to stay with him.



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