Cycling - a long slow ride today

My girls sleep each afternoon for about 2 1/2 hours. Today I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to ride Altamont for the first time today. We parked at CVS on State Park Rd, and started the climb from the base of Altamont, but my brother in law had already had enough at about 1 mile up the climb so we hung a right on Audabon which was a nice downhill break. At this point I was lost, but I knew we could work our way over to S Buckhorn which would be a little easier. This is more like what he was looking for. I stumbled onto Sleepy Hollow, which wrapped us back around to Fairview Rd which I had been on before. This ties into S Buckhorn. We went from here over to the Paris Mountain State Park where we could ride on the flat for a while before driving it hard up the Hincapie Challenge to the top. From the culdesac we turned it around and followed the same roads back to the truck. This ride came out at 15.4 miles, with a fair amount of climb. I would do it again, but on my own I would definitely want to come in faster than the 2 hrs it took us today. I know it has a lot of climb, but an average of 6 miles an hour is pretty sad. If you read this Matt... ... you did a good job for only riding 2x in the last 18months, but next time we need to pick up the pace. I hope to actually go over Altamont in the near future. Any suggested routes or start/finish locations?


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