Been away from the blog for a few days....

... let me catch you up quickly to my rat race.

6/28 Hiked out to Turtleback falls before racing back to Greenville to meet up with the team for the Mission trip.

6/29 Arrived in NYC and became the laughing-scapegoat of my mission team when I fell asleep at Crossroads Church.

6/30 Handed out free water at South Beach and prepped an entire floor at IS 72 for painting. Went to Grimaldi's pizza in Brooklyn. They got my order wrong, but I was too intimidated to send it back.

7/1 Started Mega Sports Camp in Staten Island. Only had 15 minutes to set up. Went out for a free afternoon, and Jerry did some breakdancing with the locals in Central Park. We also took the tour bus tour of the city with a hippie at the wheel. Missed the 10:30 Staten Island Ferry, had to wait for the 11:30.

7/2 Day two Mega Sports camp. Actually had sound equipment today, but the water for the water coolers still looks pretty brown. Painted an entire wing at IS 72. Went to a Yankees game in the Bronx, still getting home much later than desired. Woke up at 1:30 by cops shouting outside our hotel. Watched a fugitive apprehended first hand while Rob Smith gave us the play by play, and couldn't sleep for the next 3 hours.

7/3 Final day at Mega Sports camp. Watched our awesome team work through the plan of salvation with every child. Saw 17 children give their lives to Christ. Made a huge impact on Crossroads Church and a Muslim community.Nearly painted an entire second wing at IS 72. Had one of our team members, Tyler, make a profession of faith as well. Returned to NYC for a final night. Stayed up way to late walking through Chinatown and Little Italy, and waiting for a spray paint painting to be completed in Times Square.

7/4 Slept in until 9. Met the Crossroads team on South Beach and began the set-up for their Independence Day celebration. Spent the day playing wiffle ball, Frisbee, and soccer on the beach. Then packed up for the long haul home. 13 hours on the way up became 16 hours on the way home. We were tired.

7/5 Arrive in SC after driving all night. My wife wants to pick up my early birthday present - a Carolina Dog puppy - from the animal shelter. Java Jane is a beautiful dog. Practice music for worship Sunday. My fingers hurt bad after not playing for a week.

7/6 Have a fantastic day at church. Head home to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle who I haven't seen in quite a few years, who are in town. Spend a few hours with them before heading out to RidgeStudents where a pool and pizza are provided. (I love my job!) Get back home and pack up the girls for Tennessee where my sister is packing up before moving to St. Louis. Arrive at 2am.

7/7 Spend the day packing boxes. I crash at about 3 in the afternoon and sleep for two hours. Boy do I feel better afterwards! Eat Japanese for dinner, but don't get to sit at the Hibachi grill. I am bummed and don't keep the best attitude about it.

7/8 Go out to breakfast at Burger King with my 2 year old daughter Daylia. What a sweet memory! Our date was the envy of everyone present. Pack boxes for most of the day, then go to the park to let the girls and our puppy run out some energy. Leave by 8:30pm to meet up with our good friend Austin between Chattanooga and Nashville to get his truck and bring it home. Austin, Eve, and Kylee will be arriving with a Uhaul at our house on Friday and living with us for at least a month while he gets situated at NGU as a youth ministry major in the fall. arrive back in Greer at 2:30am.

7/9 Alarm goes off at 7:15 but I don't get up. It wakes my girls up, so then I have to get up. Get to work by 8:30, an half hour after I wanted to be there and get the next two weeks of music planned. I'm feeling almost caught up again. Are you?

Oh yeah, I didn't get to bike in here at all. Bummer.

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  1. what?!? you couldn't find time in there to blog? glad you're back safe and sound if not well-rested.