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So I sit a my computer with a hundred things to do, but first I want to put out a blog post because of my negligence over the last 15 days or so. Guess what my dilemma is? I can't decide whether to write on a Christian topic, or a secular topic. Then it hits me - a blog is intended to be about a person's life. Why do I have to think about the secular or sacred "topics" within it?

I am reading this book for our summer growth group entitled: Growth - Training vs. Trying. We meet Tuesdays for a devotional time, then we do some physical training (either running, walking, or MTB). One of the challenges it brings is that we are not training for growth in our spiritual lives... ...we are training for growth... ...in life. Somewhere along the way, Christians (prompted by the enemy no doubt)have made them to be distinct entities. I have always been annoyed by this. Yet on days like today I am still catching myself separating the two.


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