Ready To Love

You have disappointed me my friend. I downloaded your pdf of Ready to Love, along with the slew of other songs you have offered out to the public for free because I want to play it for special music on Sunday. We are doing a series entitled God on Film, in which the first message will be on the new Batman movie. The lyrics "light and darkness running together, rain and sun hold hands in the moonlight" will fit beautifully in with the message. So I send it out to everyone, and show up to rehearsal last night only to find out that the chord changes are all crazy wrong. Beside myself in embarrassment I had to sit down at the piano for a few minutes and figure out all the changes for myself, and transpose it to a key (D) that I can sing in comfortably while the team gave me the I-don't-think-he-ever-practices-his-music-or-comes-prepared-for-rehearsal look. Dude, its your song! I figured if I could trust anyone to give me accurate tab on it, you should know what is up with it.

Thanks for the skeleton anyway...I was able to fix it up - we will be doing it Sunday at Ridgeview.


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