I work with some of the coolest volunteers around

I just want to take a minute to recognize some of (and I admit that this list may not be extensive) the coolest volunteers a worship leader / church planter could ever ask for...
From left to right from where I am standing
1. Don Brown - Camera Guy
      Don, annoys a ton of people when he follows them around with the camera. Mostly because they don't want their picture taken. However, from my end, I love the shots he gets, because it allows me to make the promo videos before and after our big events.
2. Ed Niles - Media shout Guy
      Ed has a tireless work ethic, and is always persistent in attention to detail. This is a huge asset to me, because many PowerPoint guru's do not take the time to listen to the band through rehearsal so that the cues all line up when the service starts.
3. Gary Hogeboom - Also a media shout guy
      Gary is the first to admit that he is unsure of what to do. This is refreshing, because many guys (like myself) will press on unknowingly and make a bigger mess of things than they would have if they just asked a few questions first.
4. Lane Stovall
      Lane is doing a fantastic job running sound. He just got a new Harley to cruise around on, and although I catch him daydreaming about it from time to time, he has always been diligent about learning more and more about the mixing board. And the guy can pack a trailer like no body's business.
5 Trey Thompson
     Trey is passionate about folding chairs. The dude knows exactly where they need to be, and the most efficient way to get them into place. Last Sunday he came up with a new scheme that made the flow of the room work much, much better. Oh yea, he also runs sound, aims the can light, picks out the ushers, counts people, starts the CD recording, and loads the trailer. Trey is a reniassance man... fortunatly he does not sing. I may be out of a job. 

Have you thanked your volunteers?
Anyone I missed that you want to recognize?


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