Learning to blog post via email address

I am testing out something new (for me) today, which is a post from my gmail account. Why would someone want to do this you might ask? Well, if I can post with an email, it means that anything I get in an email, I can just forward on to my blog if I choose. It also means I can use an automated email service to post for me if I choose to do so. Ultimateley, I have found that keeping up with a blog can be a time consuming task. But, if the posts are kept very regular I find my readers to stop by my blog more often, and are more likelt to subscribe to my RSS feed. The best way for me to keep up with this is to have multiple options for posting.

1. Post at http://www.blogspot.com/
2. send a picture text message to go@blogger.com
3. send a text message to go@blogger.com
4. send an email to go@blogger.com

Any other options you are aware of?

Here is how I set it up.
1. I sent this email (learning to post via email address) to go@blogger.com

2. I received an email reply that looked like this:
Welcome! xxxxxxx.blogspot.com is your blog. Claim it at go.blogger.com with code: XXXXXXX

3. I went to go@blogger.com and put in my token claim code I had just received

4. Mobile Blog Found
Congratulations, you have created a blog with your mobile device. Now you may access additional settings, options, and features available from Blogger.com.

Welcome Back!
You are logged in as xxxxxx@gmail.com .
Continue as this user Sign out and continue as another user
I selected "continue as this user"

Claim Mobile Blog
Your mobile posts are are being sent to xxxxxx.blogspot.com/. Would you rather have them sent to one of your existing blogs?
From there I selected to send my posts to Milo Wilson

6. Click Finish - YOUR DONE!


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