10 reasons to buy your wife an iTouch (rather than yourself)

1 It is her birthday this week
2 She is running a marathon tomorrow and deserves it
3 It is a huge deposit in the love bank (if you have Poison Ivy you may not make a withdrawal for some time)
4 It is hers... she doesn't have to share it with the girls
5 It is equivalent to like 10 candlelight dinners
6 It is a status symbol for the cool and hip (which usually excludes moms and minivans)
7 She will let you borrow it, but it feels good to her to have something you want (something other than that other thing)
8 It is slim and sexy, and makes her feel the same
9 She usually goes all out for everyone else, it is about time someone did the same for her
10 Because you should love your neighbor as yourself, and you would love this for yourself


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