How are you at organizing? How are you at cleaning?

I find myself the happiest, when all my life is in order. When I say in order, that means that I have put all of my clothes away, and I can easily find everything.

I really get excited when all my shirts are hung from short sleeve to long sleeve, seperated by color like a paint swatch at Lowes. My pants are hung from jeans to kakis to dress slacks, and all again by their variation of color.

However, a few things you might need to know about my organizational skills. My tuxedo (like all of my uniforms in the military) is ready to go. It it's garment bag, in which there are shoes, black socks, a black belt, a tie, cumberbun, and a white shirt. Sounds organized right? This tuxedo was for concert performances and recitals in college...

It was never washed in 4 years of concert performances...
My uniforms in the Marines were always perfect, but they smelled like the 3 month old sweaty socks tucked into the appropriate shoes in the garment bag...

My desk at the office is very cluttered today, and I am fighting back the incredible urge I have to clean it... I mean... organize it all up.

Is there a lesson to be learned here?


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