a Wet, Rainy, Sad, and Numb morning

I woke up this morning to Daylia saying: "Mommy, my underwear is wet!" I should have taken that as a bad omen for the day...

She proceeded then to begin crying hysterically, because she realized she had wet the bed. Then she continued to shriek until Hazyl was woken up, who decided to join in on all the shrieking and wailing, because she had been woke up from her sleep.

I had a dentist appointment this morning for my first cavity. I have had some filling before, but as well as I can remember, they were only because I used to grind my teeth at night - not because of a cavity. I actually had 2 cavities to be filled today... even worse.

I dealt with Daylia this morning, which meant handing her off to her mommy, because apparently Daddy's do not appear very comforting when you wet the bed, and hurried out the door to make my 8:00 appointment. Because of this incident, I had not bothered to look out the window to check the weather for the day... I just jumped out of the shower, threw on some clothes, and ran out the door.

I had decided in the shower to ride the motorcycle today. The office is about 10 miles away, and has a few 2 lane roads on the route where a bike can pass cars much easier than my X-terra would, and it appeared that I would be pressed for time to make my 8:00 appointment.

So, I opened the garage door and drove my motorcycle out... into the rain. I should have stopped there, but because I was already late I didn't want to waste any more time switching vehicles. I arrived at the dentist office cold and wet, and because of the rainy conditions I did not gain any time by riding the motorcycle.

This is what I looked like after the dentist this morning:

To make matterrs worse, I had to ride the bike back to the office (in the rain). My swollen face did not fit into my helmet as well as I would have hoped, and I spent the entire return trip trying not to bite down, or gag on my swollen cheek, which was now forced into my mouth because of the tight full face motorcycle helmet.

Now I sit at my desk; wet, numb, and hungry. But my mouth tastes like cotton swabs, metal hooks, and rubber gloves...

How is your day?


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