Fantasy Football 08 - Week 5

Up until Monday night, I had this thing in the bag. I led by more than 20 points, and I was really pretty confident that Devery Henderson would not hurt me too bad. I was mistaken... This dude was only expected to get 4 fantasy points, but he hammered in a whopping 27 points. Are you kidding me? The only person left undefeated is Jeremy Bohall , he is in Croatia, where he can't watch any football, and wasn't able to make the draft day. He didn't have a very good draft, but has won every week despite all odds... what a competitor! Guess who he plays in week 6?

1 comment:

  1. Milo, your team looks pretty good...FROM THE REARVIEW MIRROR!!

    Seriously, I could just as easily be 0-5. Although I like upgrading through the waiver wire, my team is still lacking in talent. I've just had really lucky head 2 head matchups. I have a feeling that'll change soon.