Release Time

At Blue Ridge Middle yesterday, we started the fall semester of release time. This is the first time I have ever been involved in this project, and I love it. I am surrounded by great volunteers who do all the work, then ask for me to come and deliver a message to 6,7,and 8th graders. What an opportunity!

These kids are with us for an hour a week, but I have been given an open book for what I can teach, and how I decide to do it. If you are curious, I decided to use the Christ curriculum from Student Life Bible Study. It is a foundational study in the lives of these students, with it, they can learn how to become a better Christian from a variety of ways. Without a foundation built on Christ, they will be distracted from their Christian walk in a variety of ways.

Have you been a part of release time before? Where? Were you a teacher or a student? I need some tips, thoughts, or funny stories about the program. This is my first attempt... I want to learn from you!


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