Lunch @ El Jalisco

Erin came by the office today, and invited me to go out with her and the girls for lunch. Sounds fantastic I said, and off we went. We drove down Wade Hampton, in the direction of all the good restaurants, and we discussed the following options.

Dairy Queen
El Jalisco

We landed on El Jalisco, which is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants...straight from Mexico if you know what I mean. For whatever reason, today's lunch was full of events regarding my 2 girls and the bowl of salsa...

Daylia kept making an airplane out of her tortilla chips, and pouring salsa on my shoulder.
Daylia wanted to sit next to me in the booth...right next to me, with no room to move my arms at all.
Daylia finished her salsa, then chose to pour herself some more... before we could stop her.
Hazyl was licking the salsa off of the chip, then dropping the chips on the floor.
Hazyl thought it was fun to be pouring her water into the salsa bowl.
Hazyl got the salsa bowl and proceeded to cram a handful into and onto her face.

I have the two most beautiful wild animals in the world for children...


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