Did I mention we are having a baby?

Erin and I announced last Sunday that Wilson #3 is on its way... By June 09, We will have three children under the age of 3 1/2 and we did it on purpose! Can you believe it? Here is the sonogram picture to document it.

Here is a cool side story about getting a sonogram done this time. We go into the room where the sonogram machine is, and the whole wall where the mother is facing during the procedure is covered in baby pictures sent in by parents after the child is born. Then, they give you the 4D picture shown above... later on in the pregnancy the same 4D picture will cost you $250.00. I think this is a fantastic way to show a mother who may be considering an abortion, the beautiful child that is living inside of them. Way to go guys!
The next picture is of Erin finishing her marathon on Oct 25th, which I can now tell you wan an even greater accomplishment, because she was almost 6 weeks pregnant at the time. She was very careful, the doctors told her that as long as she could still talk while running, her heart rate would be low enough to keep from harming the baby... she did an incredible job!


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