Fantasy Football 08 - Week 13

This was a very interesting week... the final week to get into the fantasy playoffs. Let me see if I can explain it to all of you "I think fantasy football is for losers" out there.

OK, here is my score card. As you can see, my regular performers were absolutley horrible. Philip Rivers, expected to earn 20 points: gets 6 points. Laveranues Coles was expected to get 9 points: gets zero.
Somehow, with some big help from Thomas Jones, and Jason Witten (who has been mediocre at best this season) I sneak out a win over Anigo Montoya.

This is unfortunate, because I had already gotten into the playoffs, and with this loss, Anigo Montoya falls short. With a win, he is in, and YANKEEDOODLE is out. But that is not the case.
Now look closely and you will see that Baseball Fans ties (TIES!) with Jesse and the Rippers.
Had Jesse scored 1 more point, he would have been the 2 seed with a bye in the first week of the playoffs. Instead he becomes the 4 seed, and Baseball Fans takes the 2 seed position.
Also notice that Baseball Fans has made 22 moves this season... very strategic moves, because he had a bad draft day. But Jesse and the Rippers has kept his original team from draft day, which is incredible.
That means that he was able to foresee injuries, bye week issues, and weak game performances... before the NFL played a single game!
All that said, I am quite happy to have a bye week. I am not sure what to expect in the NFL this Sunday.
So are you brought up to speed, or are you annoyed you wasted your time reading this post?


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