I Wrote a New Worship Song

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I had put some work into this song a few years back, but it wasn't until I decided in the new year to start writing for Ridgeview that I really got the thing completed. It was also through the prompting of my great friend Jeremy that I actually went ahead and played it in public. I'm not sure yet if it is any good, time will tell... but we went through with it, and I did it! We did it! The band was very helpful in working out a number of kinks. Thank You!


  1. great job on the song, Milo. I love to write lyrics, but since I have no musical bones in my body I cannot put actual music to them. Glad you can do both!

  2. Thanks Rhett, as I said before, I am hopeful that this song works well for our people at Ridgeview, but time will tell.