Our Baby Story...

We found out this week for certain that our new baby, a boy, will have a rough go at it to start. He has been diagnosed wit hypoplastic left heart syndrome (look it up, we had to). It is a heart defect that was 100% fatal 15 years ago. Thankfully, medical advances are giving us an 85-90% chance. He will undergo three major open heart surgeries. One at 1 week, the second at 3-4 months, and the last at 2-3 years. Through this process the heart will be replumbed to work off of the 2 right chambers rather than the normal 4. Be in prayer for us. We will be in the hostpital (most likeley MUSC in Charleston) for 1-2 months after he is born, and won't be able to hold him until near the end of that time. We are very optimistic by nature, so but don't mistake our optimism for casual apathy. This is very serious. Again, pray for us... we will keep he blog and FB updated with the most information
we can. Thank You!


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    We love you all and will be in prayer for you. I know you will give updates so we can have increased vigilance as time draws near. May God's peace be with you through this difficult time.


  2. thank you Jeremy. Sorry it has been hard to get ahold of you this week. We are feeling more at ease with the situation as each day passes...at least until the week of childbirth I suppose.