Will starve for food! 30 hour famine projects needed...

Once again, we are participating in what is called the 30 hour famine.( www.30hourfamine .org ) Our students will be going without food from lunch on Friday afternoon through dinner Saturday evening. We will be giving whatever money they raise to World vision ( www.worldvision.org ) and sponsor 1-3 children for the next year. They will be working at soup kitchens and shelters in the area to help them see what people in hunger in our area are living like. The plan is to have them sleep in cardboard boxes Friday night April 24th.
This is our second year doing the event. Are you part of a church that partipates in this as well? If you are  in Upstate SC, would you like to join up forces with us?
Also, we are still looking for some volunteer opportunities. In the past we have done yardwork, worked at a concert, volunteered at a soup kitchen (try that sometime while fasting!) and some other stuff...
I need some more projects! We work for free!
Any ideas?


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