Converting youtube videos to MP3 MP4 MPEG and more! is a tool I have really started using regularly to download music or videos I have found on youtube, and convert them to a usable format. Here is a review I found from

A visit to this website will definitely not go amiss for those who have an active liking for online videos, and are tired of dealing with countless formats that tend to cause trouble with their preferred players. As the title of the review puts it, this young startup will empower you to pick any video file you can find on the WWW and proceed to covert it and download it in a simple fashion. All you have to do is paste the respective URL in the provided box and then choose the desired output format. This way, you will be able to procure videos from popular services like YouTube, DailyMotion, MySpace, Sevenload, Metacafe, Kewego and save them into formats such as MP4 for iPod, iPhone, PsP and AVI for Windows. The site has a very clear layout, and both a blog and a series of support forums are provided should you need additional guidance. All in all, this is a service which is bound to be greatly appreciated by all the many video adepts out there. Consider giving the site a try if you fall into that category.


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