"To Do" lists versus "Have to Do" lists

Tomorrow is May 15. May 15 is the day we leave for Charleston.

If you have not been by the blog lately, I am about to have a son Josiah delivered at MUSC in Charleston with a severe heart condition requiring 2 very serious surgeries within his first 2 weeks. We have another site www.thewilsonheart.com where the bulk of the latest information will be shared. Also, on this site, updates will be placed in the upper right hand corner.

To get ready for this very big change in our house, we have been working down through a number of "to do" lists. However, with tomorrow looming above us, some of those items "to do" have been thown out the window. The list has now been reduced to the "have to do" list.
Why didn't I just start with this list in the 1st place?

What would improve for you, if your "to do" lists were reduced to "have to do" lists?


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